Painted Pots
Painted Pots

Painted Pots

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Whether you have a green thumb or not, fun painted plant pots add tons of spunk to your garden! These little guys are no different! Nab one of these for your favourite little pot .... even the blackest of thumbs can appreciate their good humour!


2 for $25 

3 for $30

* plants are NOT included as my black thumb would likely kill them before they left the building!

Choose from the following wording options:

Say aloe to my little friend
Nicolas Sage
Please don't die
I will survive
Stop. Hammer thyme.
Pretty fly for a cacti
Succ it
Don't be a prick
I'm a succa for puns
Dill with it
I like big buds and I cannot lie
Don't stop beleafing
You had me at aloe
You grow girl
Elvis Parsley
I'm kind of a big dill
If I could turn back thyme
Please be sure to leave your choices in the notes field, along with your choice of pot colours:
- white
- grey
- light blue
- teal
- mint
- light green
- butter yellow
- mustard yellow
- black
 - dark grey
- light grey
- rose
- dark green
- turquoise
- bright red
- cranberry