Let her sleep for when she wakes ...

Let her sleep for when she wakes ...

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Take the creative reigns into your own hands and create this gorgeous piece at our studio or in a workshop! Our patient instructors will put you through the paces and give you the support you need to walk away with something you love. All you need is some patience and creative energy - we will provide the rest!

Choose from the following 3 stain options: (please bear in mind we can help you to add pops of colours to your background during the workshop to spice up your sign, this includes whitewash and black - this is just your base stain!)

  1. Dark
  2. Light
  3. Grey

Choose from the following size options:

  • 8x24 inches
  • 12x12 inches
  • 12x17 inches
  • 12x24 inches
  • 16x16 inches
  • 16x20 inches
  • 16x24 inches

** Please contact us about other dimensions - we are happy to oblige, just need to prepare in advance! 

When ordered in advance, the stencils are prepared prior to your arrival to our studio. As such, if there are changes that need to be made, please be sure to advise us in advance. For example, we are happy to make basic changes to the stencil (e.g. eliminate a word, add up to 2 words, add a small flourish/detail/arrow, etc.) for no charge but for any major redesigns a small design fee will be applied. Please contact us. You will choose from our gorgeous selection of paints the day of the workshop!

If you would like to add a frame, please be sure to add the following link and select the stain colour of your choosing. Unless this is added to your order we will assume you do not want a frame. https://willowandrose.ca/products/wooden-frame-upgrade