Rustic Mama Retreats - Tray Workshop

Rustic Mama Retreats - Tray Workshop

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Join us at the Rustic Mama Retreats tray making workshop! Choose from the following options on a 16x18 inch tray with iron-look rustic handles.

  • Home Sweet Home
  • Coffee and Friends are the perfect blend
  • Local Farmer's Market
  • Damask flowers
  • Heart
  • Family name tray
  • Today's Menu: Eat it or starve

If you have chosen the family name tray, please ensure that we have your last name and established date details below as we require them to prepare your stencil.

You will be selecting your colour options the day of the workshop and will be choosing from a wide range of paints! The sky is the limit as far as choices!

Can't wait to see you there!