Book a Fundraiser

Looking for a creative fundraiser idea for an organization or cause you support? Look no further ... we’ve got you covered!

Book a “paint & take” sign fundraiser! Create a gorgeous sign and generate much-needed funds for whatever cause or organization you are supporting! We take care of all the behind-the-scenes work as far as setting up and taking care of registration, providing all of the supplies you need and sending our amazing instructors to host your event. You just promote your fundraiser, provide us with a venue (you are always welcome to host your event in our 20-seat studio in Kemptville and we are also happy to help find a suitable venue if Kemptville won't work) and paint your heart out. Ultimately, the more seats you fill for your workshop, the more money you raise for your specific cause!

For each participant (minimum of 15 required to book), we give back $10 to whatever the organization you are raising funds for. Think about it - does fundraising get any easier? We think not!
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