It’s so good to be home.

Over the next little while, I am going to slowly ease my way into this blogging thing and take my time to create the quality posts that I have been dreaming about doing for the past year. My goal is to walk you through our rebuild process – from tips and tricks that we’ve learned along the way, working with a builder, the design process and ultimately how I occupied myself obsessing over every square foot (honestly, I knew this house like the back of my hand before we even broke ground!) – fun DIYs, lifestyle snippets and lots of Willow & Rose content! You’ll get a taste of how we made this house a home, ways you can do so with your own space and how we can help!

We are HOME! It’s hard to explain in words how amazing this feels, but I’ll just leave you with this: You know that feeling of stretching out for an afternoon nap on freshly washed sheets that have been hung to dry outside, your comfiest lounge pants with just the right amount of stretch, the crisp taste of your favourite drink on a sweltering hot day and the smell of walking into a freshly clean house? Bottle those all together and you’ve got a little taste of how I am feeling right now! The kids are adjusting beautifully (that said, I’ll be glad when Willow isn’t quite as off the walls excited!), everyone is finally starting to sleep again and the dogs are on cloud nine! It hasn’t been an easy go, but it was 100% worth the wait!  

I had this vision of spending the handful of months leading up to our move shopping and preparing, as we had saved up and held out on buying new things until we knew our space but 2020 had other plans, so I’ve become an online shopping guru! Things are continuing to arrive each day (as we obsessively stalk our porch and post office box for signs of delivery people!), but we are getting close to finally having most of what we’ve ordered and I am excited to be adding more and more locally made products and pieces! First up will be our kitchen – the heart of our home, where meals are shared and memories are made – so naturally, it was the first thing I really made “ours”! I cannot wait to show you how it came together! In the meantime – tell me – what would you like to see and read about? What are your favourite parts of your home? Talk soon and enjoy a few sneak peeks for now!


Much love,


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  1. I am enjoying reading your blog. Looking forward to reading all about how you made your home your forever home.

  2. Looking forward to more pictures! Share your decorating tips with us. Everything looks amazing so far.

  3. Congratulations your dream home and blog. I look forward to many photos of your kitchen. The kitchen in homesteads as for many years has been the magical place of memories. I also look in anticipation of your tips and d.i.y’s.
    Enjoy your new home and the journey.

  4. So excited for you all! Can’t wait to see more pictures of your beautiful house. It’s been 2 years since we’ve moved into our house and it still feels like a dream. Also, loving that wooden tray 😀

  5. Cannot wait to see the kitchen! The sneak peeks look amazing. I’d love to see DIY tutorials and also would love to know where you found that awesome tray!

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