Introducing my poster children…

If you stick with us for any amount of time or have come to know and love our little Willow & Rose family, you will or have experienced the force of nature that is my 3 monsters. Navigating entrepreneurship with 3 under the age of 5 (amidst a whole lot of life changes outside of our control-freak hands) is something that no amount of reading, meditating or planning could have prepared me for! That said – we are DOING it! And now, the added element of a global pandemic is adding to the hilarity that is our daily gong show … but guess what, we are still doing it! She ain’t pretty, sometimes, but she’s filled with love! Huge kudos to every one out there doing their darnedest to keep all of the balls in the air!

Without any further ado, I would like to take a second to introduce you to the ankle biters who add the extra mess, noise and hilarity to my life! Without them, life would be a whole lot quieter, cleaner, and restful … but boy, we would be missing out on a whole lot of love, laughter and fun!

First up – Willow Rose (February 2015) herself – the name sake for momma’s business, as it started as a pet project to combat boredom during nap times in her first few months of life for mom – is a newly minted 5 year old with a whole lotta attitude and love. She’s pretty certain she is actually 15 years old, so power struggles are a common source of tension here, but she just as quickly bounces back to the sweet little 5 year old we know and love! She is Queen Bee of this house and let’s just say her leadership skills rival that of some of the world’s greatest powers. She’s got a great sense of humour, loves to create and is incredibly loving and kind. Her ability to adapt to new situations is amazing and she is as resilient as they come.

Aurora Grace, our second born, is every bit the force of nature her first name represents. She is 3.5 (October 2016) and only has one speed – fast as light!

Rory, as we call her, has been fondly named “Wildfire” by a special ECE at pre-school and every bit acts the part. She is as sweet as they come and the life of the party. She dotes – and I mean DOTES – on her baby brother. When he was born she was 2.5 and we would remind ourselves “The novelty will wear off!” She was the first to see him when he woke from a nap (if she didn’t wake him herself), the first to decide he needed a bum change, the first to decide he was hungry, and the FASTEST to grab him out of any safely, seemingly child-proof buckle! Needless to say, 10 months later, the novelty has not even slightly warn off … he is still her best boy and #1fan and the relationship between these two is enough to make your heart burst! 

Finally – baby #3 – Quinn Austin, who quite often is called anything but his own name – Ninny, Quinifred, Quindolyn, Tinny, Quinnypoo – the poor guy is in for it when he is in school! Quinn is 10.5 months old (May 2019) and the happiest little munchkin to grace this earth. He is sunshine personified and is rarely seen without a big grin stretched across his face! He came around at the perfect time – after a stretch of stress, sadness and change in our lives thanks to a house fire – and brought back some of the much needed joy we had misplaced. He is a TOTAL mommy’s boy and will, without a doubt, be the hardest baby in our house to get to sleep in his own room because he’s spoiled rotten and has to sleep touching me! Darn good thing he’s so stinking cute! He was my partner in crime for the first 8 months of his life, as he was my official shop baby but leading up to Christmas when he learned how to crawl, we realized #shoplife wasn’t his jam anymore so we had to transition my workspace to being at home where he could crawl and do his thing on his own turf! He’s just starting to walk and we are loving watching him grow and learn!

Finally – we have two fur pups – Finley and Oakley are golden doodles who make our house a home. They consider themselves living, breathing vacuums of the dinner table and enjoy snoozing on whatever soft surface is away from the chaos that is the kiddos. I cannot wait to get back to the country so these guys can finally run whenever they want again! They are country dogs, through and through, and town living is not their jam but boy they have been troopers over the last year and a half!

Well – there you have it – long-winded, of course, but you won’t get much else from me! Just a snippet of the love and joy that encompasses the Melnick-MacDonald Family! <3

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