A long weekend with a twist (and our FIRST GIVEAWAY)

I don’t know about you, but this May long weekend was a great one. Gorgeous sunshine, hot enough weather that the kids were able to live in their sandbox and cool off with water fights, the perfect opportunity to enjoy our new decks with cold drinks and great garden prep weather! Oh yeah – the global pandemic meant we had to socially isolate and do our part by staying home instead of enjoying with family and friends, but, for the first time in a while, there was no where else we wanted to be! Our little dude celebrated his first birthday and we made some beautiful memories!

I wish I could say I made great use of preoccupied kids by finishing unpacking, finalizing the decor pieces for our home and painting furniture, but no … that didn’t happen and I’m totally OK with that! Instead, our pond is starting to look like a pond rather than a mosquito-breeding swamp, our orchard is tilled and taking shape, our veggie garden is carved out and ready to rock and plans are in the works for landscaping the yard! Sometimes there is nothing better than a change in plans and direction, am I right? I’ve also come to the realization that at least 90% of my time over the next 5 months is going to be spent chasing naked children with a bottle of sunscreen, but that’s a story for another time …

Our yard at the new house is a work in progress but Rome wasn’t built in a day! I am jealous of those of you who have luscious grass to cut, but in the meantime I am just going to refer to our home as the Beach House. I figure if I mount a speaker to play soothing wave sounds and create some sort of sea-spray mimicking hose system, I will stop worrying about the INSANE amounts of sand inside the house; really – who cares about sand when you live at the beach?! #newhomeproblems

Our swamp ... um, I mean pond.

Chris, my hubby, has decided that this year he is going to capitalize on the fact that we now spend 24/7 at home and turn his passion to our gardens. He’s always had the gardening bug and we’ve always had great annual gardens but have neither had the time nor space to make it happen. He’s pulled me on board the garden train this year so away we go! Our goal is to have a bountiful garden where we can eat what we grow, so this year we are focusing on building an “orchard” of fruit-bearing trees and bushes on the west side of our yard and a vegetable garden on the east side of our yard. I’m posting a picture of Chris’ plans for the orchard side and will keep you posted on our plans as they unfold over the next week leading up to planting weekend! We also have grand plans for a perennial and wildflower-type garden throughout the yard, so stay tuned!

As a family, we more or less live outside from the beginning of April until Halloween until we get scared in by cold, so creating an outdoor space that was kid and dog friendly, maintainable and aesthetically appealing are super important to us. Before the fire, our yard was pretty “blah” so we are on the mission to change that! With that being the case, I figured it was the PERFECT opportunity to help you with your outdoor decorating needs! 

Chris' "Orchard" Plans

On that note …. it’s GIVEAWAY TIME! We do lots of fun giveaways on our W&R Facebook page but I am thrilled to be doing the first blog one! My first outdoor project is to pretty up our big southern-style front porch – just waiting on cushion delivery for my swing and some extra time to get a few things completed! That said, I have a couple of signs up and I’ve fallen hard for this house number sign style! So this is where the giveaway comes in … WIN YOUR OWN! I would love to help you design a 3D sign for your own front door – whether it has your house number, your road name, family name – sky is the limit up to a $120 value


  • make a comment below on our blog answering the following question: What are you MOST looking forward to doing this summer?
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Winner will be selected on Sunday, May 24 at 8PM! Local pick up or shipping at expense of winner.

Stay safe and enjoy the sunshine!
Much love,

146 Responses

  1. I am looking forward to taking my 3 year old camping for the first time ( even if it’s just camping In the back yard!) Sleeping in a tent, making s’mores on the fire and sleeping under the stars.

    1. So fun! My girls just asked if we could set up the tent in the backyard – I suspect we will be doing the same at some point in the near future. Now if I could just get rid of the mosquitoes … haha

  2. I’m looking forward to family time poolside or in the pool. I’m looking forward to being outside with those that I love the most.

  3. I am looking forward to making our new home our home. Renovating whatever I need to and ensuring Spencer has all the time for fun in our new ‘play ground’ and pool side!

  4. I am looking forward to camping in our trailer with our 3 and 1 yr old! Making the most of this special family time and enjoying all the simple things before our oldest starts school in the fall (🤞)

  5. I’m looking forward to spending time on the boat with the kids, exploring new waters and spending time together.

  6. I’m looking forward to embracing the slower pace of this 2020 Summer. Silver linings! I can’t wait to spend more time with my daughter watching her grow and explore while we learn more and more!

  7. I am looking forward to sunshine, warmth and enjoying more time at home during the nicer weather.

  8. If this were a normal summer, I’d be looking forward to summer travel: day trips, roads trips, beach days, family vacation. This summer has a new deck, patio & hottub in our near future! With all the new things completed in our backyard, we will then get to decorate! 😉

  9. I am most looking forward to spending time with my family and appreciating this extra time with my girls.

  10. I’m looking forward to our new norm. Things have been hectic and crazy over the last few weeks but we’re all making the best of the current situation. If it wasn’t for the supportive communities we share we would not be where we are. I look forward to making new connections, getting closer to nature and most importantly, enjoying the time I have with my family. Cheers to 2020!

  11. Looking forward to doing nothing once all of the “must do’s” are done, and just enjoying the nice weather with my family

  12. I am looking forward to the nice weather and getting to spend the days outside with my daughter- and hopefully friends in the near future !

  13. I am looking forward to some much needed r&r outside with the kids. We’re really hoping we can see our families and friends too as we are missing them terribly.

  14. Looking forward to drinks by our pool as the kids swim for hours!! Covid can’t stop the pool drinks 🍹

  15. It’s no surprise that this summer is going to look a whole lot different than any other. SO we are going to make the most of it and make a ton of memories doing what we love doing.
    Being together!!
    We will play, explore our property, no more online schooling (thank goodness🤣🤣) Do crafts and stay as busy as we can!
    If things start to open up then we will
    Definitely make more plans to see family and visit!

  16. There are so many things I’m looking forward to do this summer…and being on mat leave I’m going to enjoy them even more. The first being our vegetable garden, campfires (so long as there doesn’t become another burn ban), setting up the pool again, and just spending as much time as humanly possible outside with our children!

  17. My husband is working in the Northwest Territories until the end of July so I have also taken the time to plant a garden and more flowers than I should have. I am looking forward to August when he comes home and the bounty from our garden. It seems the universe wants all of us to take a breath and enjoy our own spaces without rushing here and there and I’m good with that! I am so happy you are settling into your new home. 💗

  18. This summer I’m looking forward to fun activities with my girls (8 and 10) tie dying, painting and teaching them how to cook. We have no pool but we love to get out the water guns and slip n slide!

  19. This summer I’m looking forward to focusing on family and watching my 10 month old discover new things. We’re also in the process of fixing up our yard. We’ve added a big gravel patio, fire pit , and 8 garden beds with berry bushes. We still have a deck and fence to stain, 3 more raises beds to build and I’m in the process of building our dog her own outdoor bed. She’s going to have a little oasis with an umbrella, water bowl and bed!

  20. This summer I am looking forward to adding adding a butter little boy in July to complete our family of four ❤️

  21. Would love this. Hope to spend the summer with family having campfires and playing games.

  22. So looking forward to time on the screened porch and time in the pool. Our yard is going to be our vacation!

  23. I am most looking forward to some water time, hopefully at a beach or friends pool. Thankfully I am working so the time off I get will be hanging with my kids and husband and making some great fun moments to remember.

  24. Looking forward to a family BBQ with our Children and Grandchildren …..if we can ever have a gathering of 12.
    Love your sign 😍 Our sign would be four eight zero 😏

  25. Definently looking forward to my time in the garden the most. And maybe, just maybe, I might be able to finish reading a book or two!?
    Also if you guys want some starter raspberry bushes or some perennial green onions let me know.

  26. I’m most looking forward to getting our 4800 sq ft garden planted this weekend and seeing everything grow. As well we are building an epic play structure for my 3.5 year old. Excited to see her excitement

  27. I’m looking forward to spending summer with my 4 yr old and 9mnth old watching them grow and play . I also look forward to camp fires, watching my gardens grow and all the nice weather and hopefully we will be allowed and able to go to beaches 🙂

  28. I’m looking forward to getting back to the lake in our little trailer with the kids and spending all day every day on the beach and in the water!

  29. Looking forward to a slow paced summer at home. Letting the kids get soooooo bored that they finally find something creative to do lol. Usually, summer is spent exploring various trailer parks with our camper and family of 7. I love it, but it’s a lot of work for me to plan, prep and pack everything, (enjoy every single second of being away) then spend the day we get home unpacking and cleaning, the getting the house set for the week. It’s looking like this won’t be out reality this summer so I am attempting to embrace the slow pace simplicity around our home and yard.

  30. Spending time on the lake and taking time off work! Working 13 hour days through the pandemic- so bring on the sunshine and relaxation

  31. We had reserved a puppy late winter and she was finally born a few weeks ago. Another 5 weeks til we get to meet her! The house has been extra quiet without a dog and our whole family has been looking forward to puppy cuddles!

  32. I’m looking forward to working on the gardens and hopefully being able to harvest some veggies 🤞

  33. I’m looking forward to also finishing my back yard. Lots of tree planting and grass growing going on here. Spending this time with my family has been great

  34. I can not wait to camp! We love camping as a family. By now we would have been camping for weeks, hopefully soon!

  35. I can’t wait to demolish our deck and build a new enhanced one that flows out into the yard. I think it’ll make the backyard more inviting! Maybe one day we’ll be able to have friends and family over to enjoy it…

  36. Looking forward to doing some updates to our house, one being a new deck and enjoying some time out there!

  37. Such an amazing giveaway. The sign is beautiful! I am looking forward to spending all of our time outside this summer. Hopefully if we can we are camping a bunch of times and that is always so much fun.

  38. So looking forward to camping (hopefully) and enjoying our two girls! Lots of fun to be had (even if we’re stuck at home).

  39. I can’t wait until we get confirmation that we can go up to our trailer. It’s going to be a big change with social distancing, no beach, no bingo and no parties, but I’m looking forward to a change of scenery. I was thinking I would love this sign for the trailer, but it’s too nice. It would have to stay home where it could be admired all year! Thank you for the chance!

  40. Spending time outside sitting in my screened porch bird watching and spending time with family outdoors.

  41. Looking forward to some backyard camping, gardening and swimming in the pool, going to be a quieter summer than normal without travel, but I am looking forward to the simplicity and the quiet too!

  42. This summer I am looking forward to spending it at our family cottage. Cannot wait to make new memories with our newest addition.

  43. I’m looking forward to more sunny day and enjoying them with my family – swimming, fishing, walks.

  44. Most looking forward to camping 😍

    That said we also decided since we have nowhere else to be to focus on our yard. Its already received more use this week than in years!

    But holey moley it’s a lot of work!

  45. We were originally looking forward to our wedding on July 4th which we’ve had to postpone to an unknown date so instead of being sad about that, we’ve decided to revamp our wedding plans to save money and put into our yard so we can spend more time outside. We will be using the upcoming months to decide what we would like our wedding to be.

  46. I’m looking forward to getting all our “honey do “ lists done. We have a hobby farm and both have full time jobs outside of it. So to sit back, relax and enjoy our property. Kids are old enough to pitch in to take pride in the land and hopefully start family tradition of our own

  47. Love these pics!! I’m definitely looking forward to being outside – sunshine – bike rides with the kids. Definitely gonna try my hand at gardening too… maybe this will be my year hahaha! Hopefully we can get a chance to go camping at some point. fingers crossed! Have a great summer!!!

  48. This is going to be a summer to remember <3 Not only are my three children growing and exploring but we are all home together, all the time. It’s wonderful and such a fun adventure we are on together. The thing I am most excited for is the long summer days in the warm sun getting dirty and staying home. Playing, relaxing and exploring all together. Together is my favourite thing.

  49. We’re definitely looking to be outside more and exploring now that our newborn is getting bigger and can come out more!

  50. I’m really looking forward to enjoying veggies from our garden!! I’m somewhat new to this so keep your fingers crossed that everything grows well! I also can’t wait for vacation so I can spend some quality time with my family (and friends via Skype!)
    Good luck everyone and enjoy the sunshine! ☀️

  51. I am looking forward to spending more time with my family! We just blended our families together and summer is the best time to get out and create many new memories together ❤️ ☀️

  52. I’m looking forward to spending time with my two little guys outside and creating new memories.

  53. I am so looking forward to just soaking up the sun with my fur babies! Summer is my favourite time of year ♡

  54. We are moving to a new home and we’re excited to explore our new community with our family! Making new memories!

  55. This summer I am anticipating the warm summer nights, on the deck with a glass of wine, with either the hottub, or firepit. Talking and sipping the evening away, it sounds glorious to me!

  56. This is our first summer with the deck and I’m really looking forward to spending our summer outside!

  57. I’m looking forward to being able to get together with family and friends. Just for a bbq or a drink on the deck! I love my kids and hubby but I’m really missing face to face social time with other people! 😜

  58. Small pool….new drink concauctions…and social distance visits from friends and family.
    Also crossing fingers we sell our home and get to move this summer……

  59. I am looking forward to spending time with friends & family, even if it’s outside only!!! (tanning outside on the deck with a drink in my hand)

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